Monday, June 7, 2010

Notes for June 7th

Blogger is not working right.  Not sure if this will post or not, had to try through email.

  • Semi-terrifying photos of sinkholes from various places.  They look pretty neat when they are in or around the ocean.
  • Using the energy generated by a car's shock absorbers to produce electricity.  This is such an obvious idea I had always assumed I didn't understand why it wouldn't work.  Apparently no such reason exists. Pretty cool.
  • The highlight of the Soviet lunar program.  Seems appropriate, and apparently it is still being used for something.  Funny how even in Soviet Russia of the 1970s, a vehicle officially rated for 90 days ended up running for 11 months.  I'm beginning to think engineers like to underestimate the probability of success in these things.
  • An interesting problem is how you get journal access when you don't have a university library (or just a woefully inadequate one) available.  Some discussion of that here.
  • Bears being driven to extinction by deer.  Yet another example of how white-tailed deer totally suck.

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