Thursday, June 10, 2010

Notes for June 10th

  • This is really what scientific reporting should look like.  Source specific, evolving, and full of important details, yet all in one convenient place.  This makes all other scientific reporting on the web look like photocopied newspapers.
  • A really old shoe.  Stuffed with grass.  If this were just a hundred years old, it would be trash, but it is 5,500 years old.  Pretty cool really.  However, I guess I don't understand all of why it is cool, maybe I'm just not that up on my archeology.
  • The physics of a bursting bubble.  I would not have thought this warranted so much attention.
  • Hippo.  Actually pretty darned ugly.  And a hippo killing a crocodile.   And...ok, I could just keep linking to Tet Zoo articles all day or I could just tell you to go read the whole site.

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