Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Notes for March 24th

  • Is this interesting?  Kinda.  The longest unbroken record of daily temperatures in the Americas.  Big surprise:  The mean is temperature has increased about 1.5 degrees since 1855.  
  • The amount of food depicted by artists painting the "Last Supper" has increased over the past thousand years, possibly mimicking a trend in food consumption in the societies in which the artists lived.
  • No, seriously, lay off the saturated fats.  Other keep them around.  Some help for those that need it..
  • Underwater caterpillars.  Really.  I don't know if I can be surprised by anything anymore.
  • Ancient sea monsters.  Just an interesting read.  And no, I don't think 'oceanic reptiles' is more appropriate...If you were alive then, you wouldn't call them 'oceanic reptiles', you'd call them terrifying monsters of the sea.  In fact, if you saw one, you'd probably be more like "oh %#*@!" 

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