Monday, March 22, 2010

Notes for March 22nd

  • Why does asparagus make your pee smell funny?
  • A cool paper, interpreted by GrrlScientist (on Nature?).  Whoever GrrlScientist is, she is awesome.  I seriously love the way she 'translates' papers.  I couldn't possibly encourage you enough to go read a lot of what she's written.  Which is why it amazes me that she apparently is "under employed".  Man, if she can't make it...who the hell can?  Actually, now that I go look for the link to here discussing being under employed, I think it is no longer present.  So maybe she's now got something permanent?  Yay!
  • New velociraptor-esque species of dinosaur found.  YES!  Although I am sometimes really glad I didn't live in the late cretaceous.  Although other times I wish I could have seen some of these things in real life.
  • I concur, this is one of the most awesomely named papers everAssessing the apparent imbalance between geochemical and biochemical indicators of meso- and bathypelagic biological activity: What the @$musical sharp! is wrong with present calculations of carbon budgets? (via Deep Sea News, which includes discussion/explanation)
  • For some reason the formatting of this post has been all wacky.  So I'm stopping right here before it gets worse.  At least right now it is borderline legible.

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