Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Notes for March 16th

  • I love reading about the domestication of various animals.  Domestication is such a unique evolutionary strategy, and so specific.  So of course I read with interest about the domestication of chickens.
  • Gee...climate change might affect migratory birds?  Really?  This is new?
  • Apparently higher life forms are living under the ice.  I'm not sure what is more surprising, that they found something, or that they found 2 somethings.
  • A life-sized picture of a whale.  No, really.  Actually, it seems a little small to me.  
  • Seeding the ocean with iron to promote CO2 sequestration has always been one of the dumbest ideas.  Here's another reason.
  • Bringing back the American Bison is probably not possible.  Not because the species can't recover, but because cattle have encroached throughout their territory.  Still, there's apparently ongoing discussion of this by many (and a full plan here).  This all brings us to the Buffalo Commons, a virtual blasphemy in Kansas.  I, on the other hand, am all for it.  For all the hyperbole about it, I've yet to meet anyone who has actually read the actual Buffalo Commons essay that started the whole conversation.

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