Friday, May 28, 2010

Notes for May 28

  • The amount of ice in Greenland.  Um...ok.  I don't feel great about this.
  • I went to the 'science' page of the LA Times, and saw this article on Steve Ballmer not giving a talk at an Apple conference there.  Really?  What?  Science?
  • That oil spill is definitely a lot worse than initially thought.
  • Another fun Tet Zoo article, this one part of a series on the "deer-pig".  
  • I spent yesterday searching for Plains Minnows, Ark Darters and the extremely elusive Ark River Shiner.  How elusive?  Well, none have been seen in Kansas since the late-80s.  That's elusive bordering on extirpated, which is what we all assume has happened.  Still, you never know.  We were looking for them in the Cimarron River (scroll down to see range).

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