Monday, May 24, 2010

Notes for May 24th

  • Fats are bad for you heart, right?  No...not really.  Or, at least, not as bad as processed sugars and other carbs.
  • Pesticides are apparently linked to increased likelihood of getting ADHD.  I wish I understood enough about the physiology and biochemistry of this pesticide to know if this seems viable.
  • The role of armor and bones in ankylosaurs.  
  • I've been unable to update as much lately because I haven't had much time to read.  And that's because I've been looking for fulfillment in another job.  I don't really hate my job, but I am not professionally satisfied.  The process of finding a job, however, is more intense than I expected.
  • Tet Zoo is awesome.  And this article on leaf-tailed geckos is one of a series that is fascinating.

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