Monday, May 10, 2010

Notes for May 10th

  • So, Neanderthal DNA is in the human genome, implying that at some point we interbred with Neanderthals.  This always seemed like the most likely scenario (if a Neanderthal was dressed with a full head of hair in modern society, it isn't clear that he would really look much different than modern humans).  But some previous evidence suggested that it wasn't the case.  
  • More on the Neanderthal-human connection by Carl Zimmer, who seems to have forgotten that blog entries are light, airy, minor affairs that lack depth and re-readability.  What I mean is that he's written something amazing and interesting.
  • How far can a bird fly without stopping?  A long, long ways.  (via DC Birding Blog).
  • Choosing the best animal to represent conservation.  Personally, I've always thought the panda was an odd choice for the WWF.
  • Apparently there are always people who want to be contrary and denial reality (example with regards to HIV/AIDS connection).  Hopefully, we can marginalize those people.  

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