Monday, April 26, 2010

Notes for April 26th

  • Some words about the domestication of pigs.  I like reading about domestication, it is a fairly unusual life-history strategy.  In the case of pigs, thank goodness, because I love pork.
  • Recently someone established that orcas are not 1 but 3 or more species.  This is not a surprise at all, because culturally/behaviorally, there are at least 3 distinct species.
  • Another line of evidence is being explored to track global climate, this one using volcanoes and glaciers.  I'm sure once this line of evidence points to rapid climate change occurring, the idiots will point out how it isn't science and is all a hoax and blah blah blah.
  • I'm not sure I totally understand the point of this NeuroDojo post:  I think he's arguing a point not very many people make.  However, it is a good reminder that evolution isn't a theory of how life was initially created.
  • Does open access publishing increase a paper's citability?  Apparently little evidence exists right now.  I suspect as time goes on, more will emerge. 
  • Wait wait....So...Chickpeas were domesticated because people were depressed?  

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