Thursday, April 1, 2010

Notes for April 1st

  • I find it interesting that in physics, you have theorists and experimentalists.  And the two apparently don't really interact (if this LA Times article is to be believed).  Biology used to be divided fairly sharply between lab rats and field guys, but I don't see that as much.
  • A 14-year argument over who gets to name a new element?  Not one of those 'normal' elements, but one of the artificial ones.  The Germans beat out some Americans for the right to name the element, and they choose copernicum.  Sounds good.  But my question is:  What would the Americans have chosen?  Did we miss out on awesomium or bobdylanium?
  • The Onion is awesome.  Explanation of CERN.
  • I kinda hate April Fools Day.  However, I do think this is funny, and this is hilarious.

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