Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Notes for Today

  • The anti-vaccine movement has been fueled by parents who need someone to blame for their child's autism. Do you think they'll blame themselves? The sad part is, they probably will.\
  • Barnacles have ridiculous sex lives. I'm not sure they should have to endure what's described at the end of this article though.
  • Considering we've already talked about this, and the evidence seems overwhelming that the carp are already there, I'm not sure this isn't just throwing good money after bad with regards to the Asian carp invading the Lake Michigan.
  • Living spiders are cool (although sometime I'll have to have a friend of mine discuss his zombie spiders). Fossilized spiders are also cool. This one is amazingly well preserved.
  • Agricultural intensity is related to declines in fish communities. Declines, in this context refers to loss of rare species and decline of natives. That's hardly surprising, in fact it is hard to imagine this wouldn't be the case. I guess this doesn't get documented that often? That's the only reason I can see this being news.

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