Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interesting weekend posts

  • When it comes to the bounty of the ocean, the only thing that appears to be capable of causing the collapse of fisheries is human appetite.  As humans, we've managed to eat our way through a massive assortment of marine species.  So it is no surprise that when it comes to invasive species, people tend to put two and two together and decide:  "Hey, maybe we can eat all the invaders to reduce their numbers!" We're there again.  All I can say is that this is a scheme unlikely to be ultimately successful.  The bigger concern is that if create a market where an invasive is worth money, then there is a financial incentive for people to expand the range of that invasive, which creates a new version of the exact problem you're trying to eliminate in the first place.
  • The situation in Montana is not good.
  • Mist netting birds.  Everyone assumed it was ok...and apparently it is (a grrlscientist review)?  Seems a bit complicated, and the actual paper (pdf) is a bit caveat-ish.  Still, compared to methods used for mammals and herps I think this is pretty good evidence that mist netting is minimally damaging.
  • Tetrapod Zoology is dead.  Long live Tetrapod Zoology!
  • Not sure how I missed this blog previously, but Highly Allochthonous seems pretty cool.

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