Monday, March 3, 2008

Log jam in Neosho River

I bet you're wondering what I've been doing today. I'm going to tell
you. I've been thinking about a 2.75 mile long log jam in the Neosho
River. You can see the damned thing on aerial photographs:

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Hmm...I hope that embedding worked right.

There's a town nearby (Jacob's Creek), and a boat ramp, and the boat
ramp is apparently jammed in with logs, so that nobody in town can get
on the river. Apparently the log jam started decades ago, and they've
tried dynamite, fired, and a lot of hope to get rid of it...without
any luck. Now they're talking about dragging the logs out by truck.
Right now this area of the river etc. are kinda cut off, so I'm sure
the wildlife is loving it. I've personally never heard of something
like this, which is why I'm heading out there at the end of the week.
I want photos!

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