Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kansans = Awesome

Not only did the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment make Kansas the first state to deny the construction of a new power plant based solely on greenhouse emissions, it turns out Kansans are totally on-board. From a poll paid for by the Land Institute out of Salina:

By a 2:1 margin (62% agree, 31% disagree), Kansas voters agree with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's decision to block constrcution of the two new coal burning plants near Holcomb, Kansas. [cite]

Predictably, the Kansas State legislators from the Western district are unwilling to believe the results.

"I just can’t imagine that would be an accurate poll,” [Senate President Steve Morris, a Hugoton Republican] said. “Virtually everyone I’ve talked to has been concerned about the decision.” [cite]
Yes, well when you're only talking to Sunflower Electric and other entities with a financial stake in the issue, I suppose you might get that impression. Note the key here, Mr. Morris is solely saying that by virtue of the result the poll must be inaccurate. I know the Bush Administration has always taken the position that facts which contradict them are inherently suspect. I am disappointed to learn that philosophy is trickling down to local politicians.

For the record, the people of Kansas are seeing right through the non-sense that has been thrown at them from the various agencies who have a political or financial stake in building an unnecessary coal power plant.

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